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We offer you the opportunity to make a net car purchase (excluding VAT) in Germany and other EU countries.
In practice, this means that if the seller refuses to sell you a car without VAT, we will buy it for you gross (including VAT) and sell it to you net (without VAT).


1. 30% deposit transfer from your company bank account
2. Colored scan of the buyer company documents and ID copy of the managing director
3. If the car is picked up by a person who is not the manager of the company,
a verified power of attorney is necessary

The vehicle can be handed over directly in Germany or also at our address in Prague.
Just send us an ad link and we will take care of the rest for you.

Our prices:

- car price up to 30.000 - 800 fee; 950 fee for car delivery to Prague
- car price up to 50.000 - 1.000 fee; 1.150 fee for car delivery to Prague
- car price up to 75.000 - 1.550 fee, 1.750 fee for car delivery to Prague